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Rebuilding Buras

Following the events of Katrina, the people of Trinity United Methodist Church and community of Buras have struggled to get back up on their feet. So much is gone. Some people, businesses and institutions have been rebuilt, but the majority of our community remains in ruins or is simply gone.

"Can these bones live again?" With the faith and determination of people like those at Trinity United Methodist Church the answer is yes. But we have not risen solely on our own strength. We have depended upon God and the help of others.

If you feel a call to ministry, if you wish to help give new life to a community still in need of support, we welcome your help. There is so much more that needs to be done in our church and community. There is no shortage of projects that need to be done.

We have housed numerous mission teams and would welcome discussing with you a possible trip to Buras. You can call Rev Carlton at 504-657-9584 or email him your questions.

The work of the Lord continues.