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Church Projects

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ProjectVolunteer Person/GroupCompletion Date
Gravel for Parking Lot    
Paint the Container    
Repair Porch Roof on side of church    
Install Event Sign in front of building between windows    
De-Humidifier for Church    
Carpet Sanctuary    
Parsonage: Trim out garage passage door    
Parsonage: Tree stump removal    
Parsonage: Baseboard under kitchen cabinets    
Parsonage: Paint railings on front porch    
Bring in Dirt, Sand, Gravel, etc.    
Volleyball Court - location Azel, Texas... and ongoing July 22, 2010  
Plant pecan trees on lot    
Install 2 ceiling fans in Sanctuary Downsville team January 28, 2011 January 28, 2011 
Sheetrock Sanctuary Merrango Team-ongoing September 24, 2010  
Parsonage: Landscape property ongoing March 28, 2009  
Create Basketball Court     
Move Container to back of Sunday School Rooms Houmer Mission team  April 18, 2011 
Buldoze lot from highway to highway Homer Mission Team  April 18, 2011 
Bush-hog the lot Homer Mission team  April 18, 2011 
Landscape Grounds on going    
install tile floor in Fellowship Hall Blackwater-Asbury Team   
Paint/install Sign for Hwy 23    
Sand//Paint sheetrock in sanctuary    
Paint Sanctuary    
Carpet Worship Center    
Install flooring in Sanctuary    
Sheetrock walls in Kitchen and work room    
Sand//Paint walls in Kitchen and Workroom    
Install floor in Kitchen and Workroom    
Build Doors on Quonset Hut    
Locate new Washing machine for teams    
Build stoops for doors in felloship hall    
Finish Entrance door area.    
Install cap for roof metal in front of church    
Kitchen Cabinets and sink cabnit    
Repair shower faucet    
Build two storage cabnits     
Create new wall plugs-(see Pastor)    
Build large moveable bookshelves    
Hang sheetrock in Sunday School Rooms    
Sand//Paint sheetrock in Sunday School Rooms    
Install floor tile in Sunday School Rooms    
Showing 43 items